City Vineyard at Pier 26 in Hudson River Park

City Winery New York City at Pier 26City Winery New York City at Pier 26City Winery New York City at Pier 26City Winery New York City at Pier 26

City Vineyard by City Winery

City Vineyard is City Winery's elevated culinary outpost; our wine garden menu will be available starting Friday, July 29th. The house-made wine is flowing and the view is perfect from our roof deck and wine garden!


City Vineyard at Pier 26 is one of those rare opportunities which combines a spectacular unprecedented location with a hospitality business being in the right place and right time. The Pier rennovation has been a multi-year project by the Hudson River Park Trust, creating a beautiful park and a building featuring unobstructed views of the World Trade Tower and Tribeca on one side, with full river views on the other. The building was envisioned as a restaurant which would help generate funds to maintain the popular new park. After a public bidding process which was looking for a local neighborhood restaurant with strong marketing skills and a cool concept, City Winery was awarded the winning bid. Because the 50-seat interior restaurant space is all glass walled and the second story rooftop and outdoor seating area is such a significant part of the operation, it made perfect sense to connect the indoor/outdoor design to the park theme of green living plant life. What better than vines—grape vines. Thus, we thought, why not make the feel and look be like a garden in the park filled with grape vines and call it City Vineyard, with our extensive wine offerings complete with our own winery produced selection of tap wine and great wine list culled from the best vineyards around the globe. Of course, you can’t drink too much wine without eating some food, so our chefs are designing the perfect complementary menu one would expect from a vineyard on a Pier on the Hudson River. Can you picture a Lobster Roll made with our special wine lees infused bread paired with Sauvignon Blanc? Perhaps a delicious Chardonnay with Paella Balls or Maine Oysters. Our City Winery Burger is one of the best in NY, especially combined with a Napa Cabernet. Now imagine eating all of this on a rooftop bar with Hudson River breezes. We are very excited to have the opportunity to present all of this opening July 29th! Any questions please send to

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